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  1. Operation of fiber optic cable route Zahedan-Zabol (Samavat)
  2. Intent for site installation works for south pars phase 15&16 projrct
  3. Construction, installation equipment, Pre-commissioning and Commissioning of South Pars development refineries Phase 15 and 16 - Tesco Corporate Client
  4. IRAQ's ALSADR gas turbine power plant operation and maintenance- company management SANYR
  5. Electrical and instrumentation installation , construction and operation of high-density UTILITY (HDPE) – Kermanshah (HDPE) Polymer Company Owner
  6. Installation of electrical equipment and steam combined cycle power plant in Yazd - the Petro International Techsun employer.
  7. Design, procurement and fabrication of CNC cutting machine in Bandar Abbas - Client Company ISO ECHO
  8. North Drilling Company in cooperation with equipment suppliers to meet the punch and the platform of the Alborz (Offshore)
  9. Pre-commissioning of two gas turbine power plant (v94-2) and the delivery of O & M MAPNA, solar thermal power plant in Yazd - the Petro International Client Petro Techsun Perform construction and installation of two gas stations and BOP (electrical and instrumentation) and solar thermal power plant in Yazd - the Petro International Corporation Employer Techsun
  10. Calibration - installed and launched partnerships in South Pars Petrochemical Borzouyeh employer contributions (Kayson, south of Tehran, the Persian)

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