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Statement of Mission

FANPA is set to become a general contractor by implementation of interestinginfrastructural projects, meeting stakeholders’ satisfaction, and improvement inits capabilities

FANPA Co, as a general Contractor, established with a goals to improve its technical, engineering and capital potential abilities in field of Energy in order to provide job opportunities both in Iran and abroad.

FANPA Co by using experiences of its partners' Companies and vast international relations and considering development , satisfaction and benefits of all the partners and in order to achieve the its goals has mission to be active in following fields:

- Contract Management and General Contracting in Energy Section for management, establishment and execution activities in the field of oil, gas, petrochemical and power plant industries.

- Execution of industrial projects in energy fields in the form of EPC

- Cooperate or act as a partner with international Companies

- Provide investment or invest in projects and plants


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